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Eco Friendly Fire & Smoke Clean-Up Restoration Deodorization

Durango, Bayfield and Hesperus

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Whether you have a sooty, smoky fire, or a protein fire in the kitchen that leaves unpleasant odor in your clothes and throughout the house, we can clean, deodorize and restore your walls, floors, cabinets, clothes, and furnishings back to clean, fresh, healthy state. This type of loss is usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance, and we can aid you in starting the claims process and getting your home and life back!

Call us 24/7 at 970-385-8444 (press 4 for after-hours service) and we’ll respond immediately to help return your home and life to normal!


Fire and Smoke cleaning is a complex job that demands the exquisite attention to detail that we are known for in all our cleaning processes. Smoke penetrates into hidden cavities, such as behind kitchen and bathroom vanity caninets and drawers, so a quick wipedown of the exterior surfaces is not sufficient to fix the problem. Heavy odor may require thermal fogging with a fire-specific deodorizer before cleaning, then heavy cleaning techniques to restore the contents and structure. Walls may need to be painted, but require cleaning and deodorization first so that odor doesn’t return…and sometimes we can restore the walls without painting!

Richard Carpenter is a CleanTrust Certified Master Fire and Smoke Restorer with over 20 years experience, and will work with other expert personnel as needed to see to it that we complete your job in a timely manner.


Eco Friendly Cleaning

Ultrasteam provides Contents Cleaning and Deodorization, Full-Service Laundry/Dry Cleaning, as well as Structure Cleaning, Deodorization and Restoration to get your home clean, fresh and beautiful again, and get your life back to normal fast! We can also assist with Temporary Housing during Fire and Smoke Restoration for your home in Durango, Bayfield or Hesperus.

We specialize in “Green” Cleaning and Odor Removal for Fire and Smoke Damage. Our botanical cleaners are gentle on the environment, and superior in cleaning to the cheap petrochemicals that other companies use. We get rid of smoke odor using state-of-the-art Hydroxyl Odor Counteractant machines, safe for workers, occupants, plants and pets – unlike the old “ozone soak” method that required removal of all living creatures and plants, as well as possible degradation of rubber under long exposure.


If your home suffers fire and smoke damage, UltraSteam’s CleanTrust Certified Fire Restoration Technicians can help return it to normal! Call 385-8444 and we’ll respond at once with courteous, respectful service and an expert, in-depth evaluation of your unique needs before work commences. Fire or Smoke damage is a disruptive event in anyone’s life; and we’ll work our hardest to ease the stress and discomfort during this difficult time.